Not in this world

As we walk through these narrow trails in hills,
I’d like to believe that I’m not in this world.

As the cold wind hits my face and blows your hair,
I’d like to believe we’re lost somewhere so far.

We gain height slowly, as we climb swiftly,
With your face glowing brightly, amidst this green cover.

Stopping at the bends, tenting at daybreaks,
I’d like to believe we’re not in this world.

Dreaming. Eternally.

I’ve been, Oh I’ve been, always walking,
Imagining you in place of my shadow.

While I’m alone, lost in my thoughts,
I keep walking, with my fingers gently wrapping yours,
I’ll never let them go.

The dead autumn leaves, silence my footsteps,
But I still hear yours, walking beside me.

Those snow peaks are so far from me
But I’d like to believe I can just go and touch them.

I maybe far from you, as I’ve been always.
But I’m with you everytime you fall asleep.

And as we walk through these narrow trails in hills,
I’d like to believe we’re lost in this world.

Wandering. Eternally.

I’ve been, Oh I’ve been never alone,
Your touch on my hand has always been with me.

Wherever I go, I carry you within my heart,
As I keep walking with my fingers gently wrapping yours.
And I’ll never let them go.

Another incident of ignorance 

It’s been really long, since I posted something. Although, it’s not like I’m completely done with all sorts of exams, but still, got a leisure time, and felt like sharing something with you all, as well, sharing it with myself!

Basically, it’s a life of a woman. She could have been in a position, where she could have been very famous, but she wasn’t able to. Reason? INDIA’S CRAZY SOCIETY.

The period is about 1960s. India is still recovering from her wounds of freedom struggle. Majority of its populations are plunged into darkness of poverty and illiteracy. Government isn’t that planned. And the worst situation was that of women. As usual, ancient world have always entitled power on the hands of men. My history knowledge isn’t that strong, but I think, in mid 19th century, French women were among the first ones to start protests, and then first voting rights to women were granted in New Zealand (pardon me if my facts are wrong, I hate searching net and writing stuff). So, as you can imagine, condition of women all over the world was pretty bad, leave alone India. During that time, this woman, our protagonist, passed from Calcutta University  (at that time, perhaps the best college in India) with a MSc in Physics. She stood first in entire batch, at the time of pass out. Naturally, as we can, at our times, expect such a prodigy to get jobs easily. But that was sadly not the case. Her family belongs to a village, her father has shifted to Kolkata when she was in class 5-6. Therefore, to them, there was no such value of MSc. As a typical household, all they cared was of handing over their daughter to a decent family. It was like, every woman’s destiny is to get married. So, owing to her degree, she got arrange married to a grand family. The husband was a highly appointed officer in Writers’ Building. The house had a good educative atmosphere.  One of them was a gold medalist in Economics. The husband’s younger brother was a media consultant of Govt. Of Bengal. But, her dream was vanquished, without her even knowing. She now had even more difficult task than completing the masters – taking care of the entire family. Within 15 years, they had 2 sons and 4 daughters. Their education, their bringing up, and also the entire huge family of about 20 members – all were on her. Her knack in maths, geography, physics – all were immersed. Despite people working in government sector, the earning was not enough for managing such a huge family. So after doing all household stuff, she started teaching students of 11-12. There were times, when she was cooking at kitchen, some student would ask some doubts in a math sum, she would tell the solution, without any pen or paper, simultaneously while cooking. Day Night teaching, day night cooking, day night meeting others demands.. she was merely a robot now. 

The economic condition was really bad. The expenses of such a huge family would be undoubtedly high, added to this are the education costs of 6 children, and finally, giving marriage of all 6 of them. But fate had different plans. When the youngest son was in class 10, her husband was diagnosed with liver cancer. She loved him immensely. But the cancer was diagnosed in last stage. Within 2 months, he died. The pain of his death was too much for the woman. She had spent all this life, bearing all the burdens, with a smile on her face, all the time. But this burden was too much. Within six months, she also passed away, leaving the huge family at loss.

Many of her friends were invited in her funeral. But one of her friend was a special attraction – the first female pilot of Bengal. Everyone was amazed to see her. When enquired she said with amazement, ‘Yes, she was the topper of our university.  Unfortunately, every time I came second. But, it is really strange. Didn’t you all know about her prodigy? ‘ No one was able to answer. All they knew was her prodigy in cooking excellent mutton curry which was famous all over the para, but not about the great science lover that resided within her. All that was left was her framed black and white picture, in which her bright smile was like a bright star, shining beneath all the garlands offered by the wellwishers. 

Her youngest son was her most beloved son. He also loved his mother with all his heart. But what a terrible fate! She couldn’t even see him graduating, get a job, marry a beautiful woman, and bringing up a family with a son who is walking in her path!

This was how a star was forced to be converted to just a torchlight. Just due to the ignorant nature of our society towards women. It has changed a lot now, but the change is only in metropolitan areas. Still in rural areas, the mentality of ancient times is been recurred. The thought that ‘A girl child! Main priority will be now a good marriage! ‘ has been echoed since ages. We blame the men, but the main cause is these fickle minded families, who were ready to get into bandwagons, and never do something different, like allowing the daughter to pursue higher education.

So this is the pathetic story of the woman, who is an example of how women were and are, treated in our country, how their talents are ignored shamefully.

Yes she is my grandmother. And the youngest son is my father. And the one following her path is me.


The Choice

Before starting I just wanna say, I got the idea to pen this, last year, when I met a person from the other side of the world, and who, like maximum of teens nowadays, are victim of depression. And when that reaches extreme level, it leads to the birth of a hatred towards one’s own life, and finally deciding to end it. This was a poem I wrote to cheer her up and I guess it worked. Just remember this one line.
“Taking your own life. Interesting expression, taking it from who? Once it’s over, it’s not you who’ll miss it. Your own death is something that happens to everyone else. Your life is not your own, keep your hands off it.”
– Sherlock Holmes, The Lying Detective

It was a tough choice with lots of options,
Lots of beliefs, lots of expectations to be kept in mind,
But we can never put our love on an auction,
Even though we are to leave all behind.

As we prepare for our ultimate departure,
And break our heart millions of time staring at their faces
But in a war of victory there are always some brave martyrs,
Such has been the tradition since ages.

We were not sure of our journey ahead,
Not sure of the destination,
Not sure whether we will ever share the same bed,
Not sure of the longivity of our relation.

But finally on that day we took one giant leap,
Biding farewell to everyone.
Leaving behind tears, flowers and the soul in sleep,
But at least now, our hearts will beat as one.

Loudness,nuisance,commotion – they are finally gone,
Now is the time of whispers.
Let our hearts now collide within this land of dark and dawn,
Let our fate be decided by almighty Ishtar.

Now we are like the casts of a fairy tale.
Galloping away from the earth.
No disagreements, no further quarrels,
No one’s gonna seperate us till our obscure rebirth.

It was a mistake, a big mistake.
We thought love was nothing but just a game,
But life rolls on. It has got no brakes.
What a miser have been! Oh! What a shame!

Now as our wicked souls haunt the mortals,
No vessels committed to forgive our sin.
We never met, we never loved, we were fools to think that,
Circumstancial love is stronger than the one destined

I’ll never let you all go

Since childhood, I’m  a very sensitive person. I get attached to people very easily. Suppose, one of my uncles came to our house after a long time, and I’m probably seeing him for the first time. But I became like friends with him in an instant. Not only him, but with aunt, sister or brother whoever came with him. And when they left….I had a strange feeling. People now complain about depression. They say that they feel like being completely alone when they are depressed. I realise, I feel depressed when I’ve to say goodbye to someone close to me. I still remember that day. My uncle’s family had come to our house from Patna, and stayed in our house for 2 days. And I became friends with them so easily, and so deeply, when they were going back, and called us from the train, and wanted to talk to me, I just couldn’t as I’m always lost in words as to, what to say in these moments. And I used to feel like, I’m so alone! The only way I again use to get back to normal life is by remaining engrossed in my own things like studying or listening to music, and it’s very difficult. I was 14 then. Again I remember, when I was 15, my elder sister came from USA for the first time in 4 years. We had so much fun, we even went to Mandarmani and enjoyed to our fullest. But when she was again going back, with no clue as to when she’ll again come back, she called me and I just couldn’t talk to her. I was too sad, and I again crippled into the world of my own. 

Now, since then, I’ve grown. I don’t fall emotional too often. I can say with guarantee, I never felled prey to depression ever since then, except one or two cases (which were devastating indeed). But then, you may ask, why I’m writing all these all of a sudden? 

Because, now I’ve to deal with the sadness of leaving behind my closest people in my life after my parents and few relatives. Yes, my school friends. 

My school is something, I can’t spend a single day without thinking about it. Now, of course, everyone thinks about it, since we have all sorts of exams and practicals coming. But, mine one is something deeper. I’ve been in single school since my first days, and have spent 14 years, in a single school. The school gate, the road to school, the morning assembly – everything have become a part of my life. And of course, the friends. I just can’t explain in words, how grateful I’m to them. Everything I’ve achieved till now, 50% credit goes to them. Doesn’t it sound awkward? During each exam, I spend more time in social networks, talking to my friends than I do in rest of the year. And each exam goes so well, as I know I bear the love and affection of 20 or more friends. Few friends are special for their funny jokes and remarks. Few friends are special for their encouraging words when I’m down. Few friends are special because they have been more than just being simple friends. And few friends are special as they are simply special, in other words, extraordinary. For 14 years, coming to school, seeing their faces in morning assembly, chatting about previous day matches. Then the daily fight for tiffin,  be it a simple bread butter, or some chicken sandwich. Then the 5 minute chat outside the school gate after the school. Oh yes, I forgot about discussing song lyrics with my friend whose favourite singer matches with mine! Oh oh! And those pranks that they used to play on me? About my crush and all? We used to make pairs and then ship their relationship?

I’m having chills through my spine now on realising, this is the end of these all. 

Yesterday was farewell. Everyone was so happy. Everyone was looking so gorgeous. Everyone was looking like responsible adults. But from inside, we were all the friends we used to be for 14 years. Somehow, the suit didn’t matched with our behaviour. We were still laughing loud at silly jokes, we were still playing pranks on each other. We may be adults now, we may act like it when we are in some shopping mall with parents, or with some tuition friends, but when we are with school friends, the inside childishness gets triggered and it comes out automatically. Last day was not the day of tears. It was too soon to realise that we all are parting ways.

But now, as I go through the pics we have clicked yesterday, the same feeling I used to have when I was 14-15 is coming. And I’m bad at words at these moments, so I don’t know what to say. I had so many things to say to so many people. To some, I needed to give a tight hug for being by the side of me all these times, to some, I needed to apologise, as at some point of school life I had hurted them in absence of my consciousness, to some I needed to express my hidden feelings that I had for so many days. But it didn’t happen.

But I’m a person who always tries to keep the closed ones always in touch. That’s why, I sometimes blow one’s inbox with messages when I haven’t talked to him or her for a long time. Because, staying away from people I love is a really bitter thing to digest for me.

That’s why, I am now consoling myself with only one hope, whatever happens, I’ll never let them go, I’ll cling to their sleeves like a cat. As it’s for my own benefit. If I let them go, I’ll be never able to succeed. As, I said earlier, everything I’ve achieved, 50% is due to them. 

I don’t know if any of those idiots will read this, but even if they read, consider this as my one and only promise of my life.

– Aneek

(I try not to cry but it really brought tears to my eyes while writing this post….)

A world made by us vs. Us made by the world

Once there was a peaceful and extremely industrious nation,
It was very powerful, leaders were very strong.
They ruled the world all by themselves,
Other nations bowed and prayed, oiled them and begged for forgiveness.

The people thought their nation is start of everything,
It is the whole world, it is the end of everything.
They never cared about the world that lies outside.
As they were too much satisfied with what they have inside.

But one girl, was not like them, she was curious.
Curious about the world outside, she became furious.
Furiously, she wandered and landed in a new nation,
She was stunned by its beauty, it was like a world of imagination.

There were large trees, with unknown birds singing,
Predators happily hunted, while preys silently fleeing,
The water of the river was crystal clear, pebbles underneath clearly visible,
This is not like her industrious nation, but more like those in fables.

Some men then came and said, “Oh beautiful stranger, who are you?”
“I was travelling and came here, I do not know you”
“But why you looked so amazed? It’s your world you live in ”
She said nothing, and silently started weeping

“There is so much happiness here”, she said,
“That you can feel it, running through your veins and head
This happiness is eternal- this has got no evil effects,
Not like the happiness you get by winning wars, loss of poor and victory for arrogants.

Why I look amazed? As I’m like an alien to this place,
Coming from a planet that has long ago gone to waste.
People like killing each other just for mere satisfaction
And then they kill some more, to get more satisfaction.

I may appear as an anti-nationalist but so be it.
Truth is truth, people come and go but vengeance repeats.
So leave the world as it is, it’ll mature on it’s own
And it’ll gift you this beautiful world ; where you are never alone.

Let’s consider ourselves equal to all animals to whom this place also belongs.
Let’s consider ourselves like those tall green trees due to which life prolongs,
But nothing is perfect – See? The dear just got killed by the tiger.
But on the other hand, the tiger fairly managed to compensate it’s and it’s family’s daylong hunger…

Hegemony of Western Power

‘Hegemony’ is a word I’ve been using in many contexts lately. Because I find the word very appealing. I first learnt it in an interview, or rather, a press conference of Arnab Goswami, India’s famous journalist, in Moscow, with Russia Today. Five journalists from different parts of the world were invited, from BBC of UK, CNN of USA, CCTV of China, DWTV of Germany and  from Times Now(then) of India.

I liked his concept in that press conference very much. The topic was, ‘Global Media and Journalism’, where he said, ‘The hegemony of the western media has to end. The Western media had too good for too long, which is not only damaging the balance of power in politics and society but also in media world. According to a survey, 91% of Indians follow cross border news, which  means, Indians are most interested about the world. The least interested in the world are the Americans and the British. But US and UK contribute 70% of the source of global news whereas all of Asia contribute 3%. Summarising these, the least I can say is that Indians are the least insula, most open minded, whereas Americans are the most insula people having a global dominance over the world news’. That’s when I fell in love with the word. 

Now, that was also when the this thought had reflected on my mind. No, it was already within my mind-the way western stuff were exaggerated. Especially after the Paris attacks. The way people changed their profile pictures into french tricolor ridiculed me to the utmost level. This concept-the concept that ‘everything that happens with western countries is of utmost importance’ had been sown within the minds of the residents of second and third world countries since time immemorial. Also, as I write this post, I realise, I’m no exception, as I just labeled my country as some second world country for no reason, although we all remain in a single world. Such hegemonic concepts have been sown deeply into the minds of ours, so much so that, their way of discrimination has become words of urban dictionary and we use them joyously and shamelessly, without even recognising it’s origins and purpose.

Now on this context, I’d like to quote once again Arnab Goswami..

Look at the Paris attacks and look at the coverage of the Paris attacks. The Paris attacks have generated lots of general coverage, upto the point that we have talked this morning about a global coalition to fight ISIS and why it cannot happen. You’d know that on the 26th of November, 2008, in the Mumbai attacks, 161 Indians were killed in 4 locations, in Paris attacks it was one, by ten terrorists sent from Pakistan, and that was the greatest act of bloodshed that happened.

The point that I’m making is that, the Paris attacks generated outrage all over the world which they of course should have done, and this scale of attack has prompted this international effort against ISIS. Now, before ISIS, before Paris, when Mumbai was attacked,  there weren’t as many news outlets in Western country who took up the job, (and I’m not talking about the coverage), of sanctions against Pakistan.  And the reason for that is because, the US has been ‘hands in glove’ with what is happening in Pakistan. Now it would be very surprising to know that an American, David Coleman Hadley was the mastermind behind this Mumbai attacks. He was a FBI double agent . Just one American news agency, Pro Republica, covered this story.  Now just imagine, if today it was proven the presence  of such mastermind behind the Paris attacks, what kind of news coverage could it had got in respect to Mumbai attacks. 

Now it’s indeed an act of guts that he spoke this to a western audience, but it’s also a matter of honour, that all he got was smiles and claps of approval from all of them.

Now this is just one aspect. If we look deeply, we’ll find that, we are surrounded by western culture. We even sacrificed our own native cultures to accept western culture. I wonder how many people complain of crowds in a Durga Puja pandal, but happily stand in long queues to get into the church in Christmas. People are gaga over gunshots in gay clubs in Miami but never care about millions of lives being lost in Civil wars in Iraq and Syria. I even reconcile a candle march being held in my city for the memory of Paris attacks. What Arnab said in this context was cent percent true. And why only target Paris? What about other spheres of life like sports? I hear people say, ‘Wow! English Premier league is so cool!’ And when few passionate people are trying to lift the standard of football in India, they say, ‘However amount of money they’ll spend, nothing is going to happen in this country’. What about language? We are now in such a shameful condition, that people in Dhaka organise marches and rallies on a specific date, just to save their mother tongue language. Young kids think mother tongues are of no importance when whole world moves ahead in English. 

Now lastly my apologies to those doesn’t fall in this category. I know, generalisation is a bad thing. But if we look into, percentages of people illusioned in western hegemony is way higher. I know, there are some, or rather, many sensible beings who think about life in a general way. And I guess, some would turn their tables of thinking after this. And for others, dear friends, to whichever extent you bask in western glory, after death, you’ll be bound to concede to your own culture. So better enjoy the taste of it when you are alive.

Happy Makar Sankranti, Pongal and Bihu to everyone. 

Last words from a mother to her son

There’s one thing I’m quite proud of, and I keep telling this to everyone. That, no movie has yet made me cry, but one particular anime always makes me cry at certain moments. It’s Naruto. But still if you watch the same thing again and again, you’ll get used to, and you’ll not cry later on. But this particular moment made me cry even today when I watched it again for 5th or 6th time. I think it should be relayed to everyone, and everyone should read this. 

Prologue. A gigantic demon have attacked a village. The father of Naruto (the main character) is the leader of the village then. Eventually, the day of attack was the day when Naruto was born. Father Minato, and mother Kushina decides to save the village by sealing the monster inside their newborn. But in exchange of their lives. Both have blood running through their mouth, and probably don’t have much time on earth. So, mother Kushina tells her last words to their new born baby…


Don’t be picky.. Eat lots and grow strong..
Make sure that you bathe every day and stay warm.. 
Also.. Don’t stay up late.. You need lots of sleep..
And make friends.. You don’t need a lot of friends..
Just a few.. Ones you can really, really trust..
I wasn’t very good at it, but keep up with your studies and practice your ninjutsu hard.. 
Remember that everyone has strengths and weaknesses..
So don’t get too depressed if you can’t do something well..
Respect your teachers and upperclassmen at the Academy..
Oh, and this is important.. It’s about the Three Prohibitions for a shinobi..

Be extra careful about lending and borrowing money..
Put your mission wages into your savings account..
No alcohol until you’re twenty.. Too much can ruin your health, so drink in moderation..
Another Prohibition is women.. 
I’m a woman, so I don’t know too much about this but..
All you need to remember is that this world is made up of men and women.. 
So it’s only natural to take an interest in girls.. 
But just don’t get hooked on bad women.. Find someone just like me.. 
Speaking of the Three Prohibitions, be wary of Jiraiya Sensei, you know..
Naruto, from now on, you’re going to face lots of pain and hardship..
Be true to yourself.. Have a dream and have the confidence to make that dream come true.. 
There’s so much.. Oh, so much more that I want to pass on to you.. I wish I could stay with you longer..
I love you”

The Real World : Tuvalu

Today’s focus will be on a place which is not known by many, but stands as an example about how thousands of people are facing life crisis, due to growing environmental impacts and global warming. 

Tuvalu is a small island in the Pacific Ocean, with a population of 10,640, merely 0.9% of the population of Navi Mumbai. It is in the halfway of Australia and Hawaii islands. With only one hospital in the entire nation, and a pretty decent literacy rate of 99%, Tuvalu is just like any other small island of Oceania. And so, the problem it faces is also the same problem faced by any islands of Oceania. The rise in sea level.

The economy and the livelihood of almost all families of Tuvalu depends on fishing. But with rising global warming, and growing heat of lagoons, it is not only posing a threat towards the common people’s livelihood, but also on the entire island. Poor waste and waste water management is adding to the effects of coastal erosion, increased flooding, storms and changing rainfall patterns, all of which are affecting fish stocks and entire ecosystem across its nine inhabited islands.
Fish is an important stuff in Tuvalu. Nearly every family has one fisherman, as it is ‘cheap’. A Tuvalian sells 500gm of fish everyday, it is their staple diet, and is the only thing that they don’t import. While Tuna is gathered from the ocean, other ordinary fishes are gathered from the lagoons. 

Now due to rapid climate change, coral reef is decaying and dying. Increasing sewage concentration in lagoons, known as eutrophication in Science, is causing algal blooms, causing fishes to die. This has affected the people on a large scale. Now they have to travel 14 km into lagoon to get fishes, whose size have also considerably decreased. Increasing urbanisation is also to blame. Funafuti, the capital, is getting overpopulated, and as a result, lagoons are dried up giving way to apartments, and many commercial crops are grown in wastelands. 

The increasing sea level has also affected several crops. As one resident says,

We used to have banana trees, just here. But since the last ten years, seawater is seeping through the ground, and ground became salty, plants became yellow and died. 

80% of food is now imported from Fiji and New Zealand. One litre milk costs nearly $2.85 (Rs. 195) and 1 kg rice $1.25 (Rs 85). This is the story of a country where a well established family has a  monthly income of $370 (Rs. 20,000). Only one member earns the money, rest do cooking and all that. And unemployment is high among the young generation. 

Such is the story not only of Tuvalu but of countless islands and atolls across the oceans of Earth. While some are fearing their income sources, others are doubting whether they can live in the island after ten or twenty years. These places are small treasures dotted on the face of mother earth. Proper management is the call of hour to protect these islands from pollution and sinking.