From Darkness to Light

The child was born, after nine months of pain,
Relatives from everywhere came by buses and trains,
The baby as small as a grain of rice was sleepimg calmly,
Her mother, wide smiles over her face, held him tightly.

The child walked, the child talked, days passed by,
But to him, life was a single endless night.
People woke, people slept, he never knew,
But his emotions were understod only by few.

The child grew into a boy, went to school,
Where all his mates always treated him as a fool.
Except one girl, who was his eternal protector.
She made sure he can live his life,happier and better.

She said,”you have this exceptional thing which all lacks,
You can dream whenever you want, which no one can’t. ”
“What’s the use of dreaming, when there is no reality? ”
“Sometimes its better to stay away from real world’s cruelty”.

So he decided to continue dreaming in his own world.
He will be alone there, his own prison’s guard.
Except the few flickers of her, the only water in this deep well,
To ensure he still has the key of this dark prison of hell.

His will to stay alone has become someone else’s happiness,
He ensured, each and every one like him will never live in this place.
His flower bloomed and withered, but it doesn’t bother him,
In dream, there is no death, immortality redeems.

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