The minds of Genius

The other day I was watching the film, ‘The Man who knew infinity’, a film on the Indian mathematician, S.Ramanujan. Recently I am little hell-bent towards biopics of science related persons:’Imitation Game’, on Alan Turing, ‘Theory of Everything’, on Stephen Hawkins,’Steve Jobs’, etc. But this film was something else. Maths is my first lover, and it continues to be my only lover. Maybe because too many people find such a beautiful thing as ‘frustrating’ or ‘frightening’, it sticks to the people permanently who catch a little glimpse of beauty in it. My mother first made me fall in love with maths. And I am grateful to my mother for this thing, just after the fact that she is the one who tolerated nine months of pain just for me. And this guy, Ramanujan, he was born with maths. One of the professors said,”Every integer is a personal best friend of Ramanujan.” He was from a poor family in Madras, didn’t studied much in school, had no degree, but his crazy formulas stunned each and every people. They couldn’t understand a word of his notes. Finally some arrangement was made to send those equations to Cambridge, and the best professors there were gone crazy by those equations. What were they about? Let me explain. 

In how many ways you can express 3 as a sum of two or more integers? Well, 3=1+1+1/2+1/3+0, so there are 3 ways. 4? 4=1+1+1+1/4+0/3+1/2+2/2+1+1, so there are 5 ways. So far so good. Now what about 100? Everyone goes crazy. This is called partitions, and no one knew how to find number of ways to represent a number as a sum of more than one integers for bigger Numbers. Until Ramanujan joined Cambridge. He gave a tremendous formula, whose proof is untraceable, and putting number 100 in that formula guess what he got? 108,504,835, that’s the number of ways you can get 100  by adding more than one integers(with about 2% error with exact result). Prof. Hardy asked,”That’s no doubt exceptional, but where are it’s proofs? How’d you got it?” He replies,”I didn’t equated it. It just came to me.” That was how Ramanujan was.

Now I wonder, what are these people? I mean, as far human brains are concerned, how can one simply come out with the conclusion, rather than working through the procedures? He did. So did Einstein. He sat in a simple laboratory, and unveiled mysteries of universe, just by penning some equations. No experiments, no hubble telescope, no space research, nothing. Just pen and paper. As he said,”My paper is my laboratory. ” Well, these men revealed so many mysteries, but men now will never be able to reveal the mysteries about their brain. And as people claim anything that is out of their reach and thinking as gods, I believe it’s time for us to throw away silly idols and take them as our ultimate god. Pray to them, to make us more sensible, and less idiotic. Teach us that, if you have a beautiful mind, people will hold you in highest level even if you are naked, even if you are bald headed, even if you don’t have a Facebook account.

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