The Real World : Mosul, Iraq

This one should have been written long time ago. Now the topic has got a bit boring. But yesterday while I was surfing channels, I stopped at Al Jazeera, and was stunned to see the news that followed. It was not any speech, not any interviews. There were just clippings of a place called Mosul, somewhere in North Iraq, by the side of historic river Tigris. And after seeing those clippings, I looked around myself. I saw a blue sky above me, some chirpings of a sparrow, and a new building that is rising by the side of our house. I’m proud of myself! I’m proud of my life, that I’m living in a place, that probably exists in a world different from the world of Mosul.

ISIS now is a rotten issue. People got to know about them after the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, and then all of the world got aware of them after the Paris attacks. People were so shocked that many even modified their Facebook Profile picture in the form of French Tricolor. Then began the global war on ISIS. US, Russia, and all started bombing the Iraqi and Syrian settlements, and then told the news with broad smile over their faces that they have destroyed strongholds, destroyed trade routes, destroyed airbase. Everybody lauded praise on Western Bravery. How just they are! How helpful they are to ‘civilised’ world! But such things happen. You may enjoy a storm but you never pay attention to the small trees and siblings that get uprooted and die. 

Iraq and Syria are in ruins. The country that was once known for the famous Arabian nights, the country which every child knew as a land of riches, land of mystery, has became a land of eternal war. I wonder how will the spirits of Babylonian kings would feel if they ever visit how their land is doing after thousands of years. The clippings of Mosul showed a woman, one leg gone, due to some blast maybe, carrying a baby child in her hand and clinging to her wrinkled fingers are four other sweet boys and girls. 

I saw the city. It was like a ghost town. Like some giant bulldozer have went over the city and crushed everything that came in its way. There were thousands, waiting outside the tents set up by UN camps, with a hope that they may get a place in those tents some day in life. No food. No shelter. No medicine. We can’t bear a cut for a minute without being applied a band-aid. And they are lying on the ground with their family, some with a hand gone, some with a leg gone, or some just waiting for God to come and take them to heaven. I’m just posting a piece of a report about the Mosul city given in AJ site.

 Four men clung to the black Humvee as it careered toward the east Mosul field hospital. Anguish marked their faces, blood stained their clothes and they cradled between them the broken frames of two slightly built boys – victims of a mortar strike minutes earlier.

A crowd rushed forward to meet the vehicle, helping to lift the casualties on to stretchers under a shroud of settling dust. Matham, 15, was unresponsive – head back, mouth open, gaze unfocused – and an ugly red stain had soaked through his clothes at the neck. A medic placed him on a stretcher, examined his wounds and put two fingers on his carotid artery, searching for a pulse.

The 12-year-old Mohammed lay on a nearby cot. He was conscious, but his right leg was torn open from ankle to groin and dangled sickeningly. A crowd of doctors cut away his trousers then applied a tourniquet to halt the massive blood loss.

He called weakly for his mother as they worked then closed his eyes. “Is he breathing?” someone asked urgently. “Is. He. Breathing?” A few seconds later, the boy groaned, asked for water, then lay with his head tilted sideways staring at the sky. A middle-aged woman in a white headscarf and black polka dot dress skirted the clinic wall and rushed frantically forward, calling the younger boy’s name. Male relatives intercepted her a few metres from the cot, took an arm each and coaxed her away.

She turned her head as she walked, looking back at a scene that has become increasingly common as civilian casualties of the month-long offensive to retake Mosul from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) continue to mount

Now you decide. These terrorists are not only targeting your ‘well protected’ Western world. Those innocent men and women are the biggest sufferers of their nonsense war. So just take a moment before you put all Muslims under the tag of ‘terrorist’.

And dear so called ‘civilised’ westerners. It’s a shame you all can hold a meeting of leaders from all over a world when 137 dies in Paris, but don’t give a sh*t when millions are innocents are dying in Iraq and Syria. Use your so called ‘civilised’ brains to think, ‘Do the mother of four children or a 10 year old child looking forward to join school is also a terrorist?’. Think. Just think. Or if thinking takes a toll on you, continue this irritating tit for tat game with terrorists, whose sufferers are those millions of innocent lives.

My prayers for all Iraqis and Syrians, on behalf of entire India. We love you people, and are not foolish to think you all are sinners. May there be a fast solution to this and may Almighty one day grant you all your deserved peace. 

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