A world made by us vs. Us made by the world

Once there was a peaceful and extremely industrious nation,
It was very powerful, leaders were very strong.
They ruled the world all by themselves,
Other nations bowed and prayed, oiled them and begged for forgiveness.

The people thought their nation is start of everything,
It is the whole world, it is the end of everything.
They never cared about the world that lies outside.
As they were too much satisfied with what they have inside.

But one girl, was not like them, she was curious.
Curious about the world outside, she became furious.
Furiously, she wandered and landed in a new nation,
She was stunned by its beauty, it was like a world of imagination.

There were large trees, with unknown birds singing,
Predators happily hunted, while preys silently fleeing,
The water of the river was crystal clear, pebbles underneath clearly visible,
This is not like her industrious nation, but more like those in fables.

Some men then came and said, “Oh beautiful stranger, who are you?”
“I was travelling and came here, I do not know you”
“But why you looked so amazed? It’s your world you live in ”
She said nothing, and silently started weeping

“There is so much happiness here”, she said,
“That you can feel it, running through your veins and head
This happiness is eternal- this has got no evil effects,
Not like the happiness you get by winning wars, loss of poor and victory for arrogants.

Why I look amazed? As I’m like an alien to this place,
Coming from a planet that has long ago gone to waste.
People like killing each other just for mere satisfaction
And then they kill some more, to get more satisfaction.

I may appear as an anti-nationalist but so be it.
Truth is truth, people come and go but vengeance repeats.
So leave the world as it is, it’ll mature on it’s own
And it’ll gift you this beautiful world ; where you are never alone.

Let’s consider ourselves equal to all animals to whom this place also belongs.
Let’s consider ourselves like those tall green trees due to which life prolongs,
But nothing is perfect – See? The dear just got killed by the tiger.
But on the other hand, the tiger fairly managed to compensate it’s and it’s family’s daylong hunger…

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