Another incident of ignorance 

It’s been really long, since I posted something. Although, it’s not like I’m completely done with all sorts of exams, but still, got a leisure time, and felt like sharing something with you all, as well, sharing it with myself!

Basically, it’s a life of a woman. She could have been in a position, where she could have been very famous, but she wasn’t able to. Reason? INDIA’S CRAZY SOCIETY.

The period is about 1960s. India is still recovering from her wounds of freedom struggle. Majority of its populations are plunged into darkness of poverty and illiteracy. Government isn’t that planned. And the worst situation was that of women. As usual, ancient world have always entitled power on the hands of men. My history knowledge isn’t that strong, but I think, in mid 19th century, French women were among the first ones to start protests, and then first voting rights to women were granted in New Zealand (pardon me if my facts are wrong, I hate searching net and writing stuff). So, as you can imagine, condition of women all over the world was pretty bad, leave alone India. During that time, this woman, our protagonist, passed from Calcutta University  (at that time, perhaps the best college in India) with a MSc in Physics. She stood first in entire batch, at the time of pass out. Naturally, as we can, at our times, expect such a prodigy to get jobs easily. But that was sadly not the case. Her family belongs to a village, her father has shifted to Kolkata when she was in class 5-6. Therefore, to them, there was no such value of MSc. As a typical household, all they cared was of handing over their daughter to a decent family. It was like, every woman’s destiny is to get married. So, owing to her degree, she got arrange married to a grand family. The husband was a highly appointed officer in Writers’ Building. The house had a good educative atmosphere.  One of them was a gold medalist in Economics. The husband’s younger brother was a media consultant of Govt. Of Bengal. But, her dream was vanquished, without her even knowing. She now had even more difficult task than completing the masters – taking care of the entire family. Within 15 years, they had 2 sons and 4 daughters. Their education, their bringing up, and also the entire huge family of about 20 members – all were on her. Her knack in maths, geography, physics – all were immersed. Despite people working in government sector, the earning was not enough for managing such a huge family. So after doing all household stuff, she started teaching students of 11-12. There were times, when she was cooking at kitchen, some student would ask some doubts in a math sum, she would tell the solution, without any pen or paper, simultaneously while cooking. Day Night teaching, day night cooking, day night meeting others demands.. she was merely a robot now. 

The economic condition was really bad. The expenses of such a huge family would be undoubtedly high, added to this are the education costs of 6 children, and finally, giving marriage of all 6 of them. But fate had different plans. When the youngest son was in class 10, her husband was diagnosed with liver cancer. She loved him immensely. But the cancer was diagnosed in last stage. Within 2 months, he died. The pain of his death was too much for the woman. She had spent all this life, bearing all the burdens, with a smile on her face, all the time. But this burden was too much. Within six months, she also passed away, leaving the huge family at loss.

Many of her friends were invited in her funeral. But one of her friend was a special attraction – the first female pilot of Bengal. Everyone was amazed to see her. When enquired she said with amazement, ‘Yes, she was the topper of our university.  Unfortunately, every time I came second. But, it is really strange. Didn’t you all know about her prodigy? ‘ No one was able to answer. All they knew was her prodigy in cooking excellent mutton curry which was famous all over the para, but not about the great science lover that resided within her. All that was left was her framed black and white picture, in which her bright smile was like a bright star, shining beneath all the garlands offered by the wellwishers. 

Her youngest son was her most beloved son. He also loved his mother with all his heart. But what a terrible fate! She couldn’t even see him graduating, get a job, marry a beautiful woman, and bringing up a family with a son who is walking in her path!

This was how a star was forced to be converted to just a torchlight. Just due to the ignorant nature of our society towards women. It has changed a lot now, but the change is only in metropolitan areas. Still in rural areas, the mentality of ancient times is been recurred. The thought that ‘A girl child! Main priority will be now a good marriage! ‘ has been echoed since ages. We blame the men, but the main cause is these fickle minded families, who were ready to get into bandwagons, and never do something different, like allowing the daughter to pursue higher education.

So this is the pathetic story of the woman, who is an example of how women were and are, treated in our country, how their talents are ignored shamefully.

Yes she is my grandmother. And the youngest son is my father. And the one following her path is me.


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