The Real World : Mosul, Iraq

This one should have been written long time ago. Now the topic has got a bit boring. But yesterday while I was surfing channels, I stopped at Al Jazeera, and was stunned to see the news that followed. It was not any speech, not any interviews. There were just clippings of a place called Mosul, somewhere in North Iraq, by the side of historic river Tigris. And after seeing those clippings, I looked around myself. I saw a blue sky above me, some chirpings of a sparrow, and a new building that is rising by the side of our house. I’m proud of myself! I’m proud of my life, that I’m living in a place, that probably exists in a world different from the world of Mosul.

ISIS now is a rotten issue. People got to know about them after the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, and then all of the world got aware of them after the Paris attacks. People were so shocked that many even modified their Facebook Profile picture in the form of French Tricolor. Then began the global war on ISIS. US, Russia, and all started bombing the Iraqi and Syrian settlements, and then told the news with broad smile over their faces that they have destroyed strongholds, destroyed trade routes, destroyed airbase. Everybody lauded praise on Western Bravery. How just they are! How helpful they are to ‘civilised’ world! But such things happen. You may enjoy a storm but you never pay attention to the small trees and siblings that get uprooted and die. 

Iraq and Syria are in ruins. The country that was once known for the famous Arabian nights, the country which every child knew as a land of riches, land of mystery, has became a land of eternal war. I wonder how will the spirits of Babylonian kings would feel if they ever visit how their land is doing after thousands of years. The clippings of Mosul showed a woman, one leg gone, due to some blast maybe, carrying a baby child in her hand and clinging to her wrinkled fingers are four other sweet boys and girls. 

I saw the city. It was like a ghost town. Like some giant bulldozer have went over the city and crushed everything that came in its way. There were thousands, waiting outside the tents set up by UN camps, with a hope that they may get a place in those tents some day in life. No food. No shelter. No medicine. We can’t bear a cut for a minute without being applied a band-aid. And they are lying on the ground with their family, some with a hand gone, some with a leg gone, or some just waiting for God to come and take them to heaven. I’m just posting a piece of a report about the Mosul city given in AJ site.

 Four men clung to the black Humvee as it careered toward the east Mosul field hospital. Anguish marked their faces, blood stained their clothes and they cradled between them the broken frames of two slightly built boys – victims of a mortar strike minutes earlier.

A crowd rushed forward to meet the vehicle, helping to lift the casualties on to stretchers under a shroud of settling dust. Matham, 15, was unresponsive – head back, mouth open, gaze unfocused – and an ugly red stain had soaked through his clothes at the neck. A medic placed him on a stretcher, examined his wounds and put two fingers on his carotid artery, searching for a pulse.

The 12-year-old Mohammed lay on a nearby cot. He was conscious, but his right leg was torn open from ankle to groin and dangled sickeningly. A crowd of doctors cut away his trousers then applied a tourniquet to halt the massive blood loss.

He called weakly for his mother as they worked then closed his eyes. “Is he breathing?” someone asked urgently. “Is. He. Breathing?” A few seconds later, the boy groaned, asked for water, then lay with his head tilted sideways staring at the sky. A middle-aged woman in a white headscarf and black polka dot dress skirted the clinic wall and rushed frantically forward, calling the younger boy’s name. Male relatives intercepted her a few metres from the cot, took an arm each and coaxed her away.

She turned her head as she walked, looking back at a scene that has become increasingly common as civilian casualties of the month-long offensive to retake Mosul from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) continue to mount

Now you decide. These terrorists are not only targeting your ‘well protected’ Western world. Those innocent men and women are the biggest sufferers of their nonsense war. So just take a moment before you put all Muslims under the tag of ‘terrorist’.

And dear so called ‘civilised’ westerners. It’s a shame you all can hold a meeting of leaders from all over a world when 137 dies in Paris, but don’t give a sh*t when millions are innocents are dying in Iraq and Syria. Use your so called ‘civilised’ brains to think, ‘Do the mother of four children or a 10 year old child looking forward to join school is also a terrorist?’. Think. Just think. Or if thinking takes a toll on you, continue this irritating tit for tat game with terrorists, whose sufferers are those millions of innocent lives.

My prayers for all Iraqis and Syrians, on behalf of entire India. We love you people, and are not foolish to think you all are sinners. May there be a fast solution to this and may Almighty one day grant you all your deserved peace. 

A hope for bright India

So we have yet another big news. Another big stuff to gossip in tea shops. And another example to show our kids, how a man tried to bring about a change, but we complained about our inconveniences to stop him.

Now, I never sit down, think deeply for some minutes, and write a post. I’m a pretty straight forward person, with not much of spare time, and thus, my topics are not of much deep thinking. But I feel, there are certain things happening around us, in this society, towards which we need to give a thought and then make opinions, whether it’s good or bad. Recent thing that has stirred this cringe society of ours is the ‘Ban of 500 and 1000 Rs Notes‘. The other day, I was checking the GDP of several counties, and was literally stunned, by seeing, third world countries like Sri Lanka, Myanmar have higher GDP than India. But you check out the houses and residences of ministers and big businessmen. They have house even better than top class Americans. We live in a country where a BMW and a bull-cart travels side by side. And the main reason for this is black money- crores and crores of money not accounted to legal taxes. Now, everyone knew about it’s existence, since ages. There have been films even on this. Like Special 26 (haven’t watched it, but heard it was on black money). But, not a single person took any step towards this. Because, the ministers themselves were sitting on a throne of black money. The banks were suffering big losses. The market was seeing a growing inflation of prices. You may hear lot of ‘banning black money’ promises in election campaigns. But, not in a single term, we saw any serious step towards eradication of black money. 

But now this man, our respected PM comes with an idea that is often mentioned in Economics, about how to ban black money. He decides to completely ban the high denomination notes, that is, 500 and 1000 rs notes. Now, I would simply list down some Pros and Cons that I think, this massive decision gives us.


  • This decision have really caused lots of black money holders in trouble. Income Tax Commission were always after them, so instead of depositing money in banks, they kept them in house, in lockers, beneath bed sheets. Now this decision forces them to deposit the money in bank to get new notes. Now as soon as they deposit, they’ll be interrogated, and soon a lot of punishable fees will be charged. Only way to escape the offense:burn down the notes.
  • Many villagers are now compelled to form a bank account. Under this government, a new scheme called  ‘Zero Balance Scheme’ was started, in which anyone with valid id proof can form a bank account even if he/she doesn’t have enough money for first time deposit. So now that they have bank accounts, they’ll be exposed to lots of schemes, that offers them to deposit a certain amount of money every month, and in return, when it matures, get a greater return of money as interest.
  • The new notes are said to be much more advanced in terms of security. Forgery will be difficult, and chances of fake notes will be reduced.
  • Lots of cross border smuggles of drugs, armed weapons will be stopped for a while, due to lack of new notes. The terrorists with loads of 500 and 1000 rs notes are now helpless as to how to get new notes from banks. Surely, they’ll fit someone and get the new notes, but it will take time, and thus put their activities to a temporary halt. 
  • The secrecy with which the entire thing was decided and analysed, is just awesome. In a country with 100 media channels ready to sneak in and leak secret works and stuff, the government carried this whole process of economic analysis without a sound. Even the most cunning newspapers and TV channels didn’t got a clue as to what was Modi going to address in the meeting on 8th November, 8pm. 


  • First and foremost difficulty is the inconvenience. Such a sudden decision caused lots of people to panic. Even though there are thousands of people with black money, rest millions are no one but innocent people who work all the week to earn their money. Now some sensible deposit their money in banks. They are the most tension free people today. But the problem is with those who have huge cash amount in bank. Lots of people in villages save their money in safe or lockers within house. Now when they go to deposit such huge amount, a huge tax will be levied, causing them to lose a great amount of hard earned money. 
  • Second is the transaction problem. At the beginning, only 2000 rs are brought to market. Now,  if you go to bazaar, and buy  700 rs fish, and give the seller a 2000 rs note, it’s quite against odds that he will give you 13 100 rs notes. 2000 rs is not of much use to common people, as is 500 rs or 1000, so transaction for few days is going to be a problem.
  • And last but not the least, the political agenda. There are some foolish politicians, who look into nothing, see who has taken the decision, checks his/her ally list to check whether the party who has taken the decision is friend or not, if not, then they start criticising the government  policies like parrots. They always politicise whichever issue they get, and never allow the ruling party to bring in something that will really help the country. But the way they are conveying to common people saying it’s a scam and all that, puts the current government on a doubt of existence in the next term.

Thus, given the pros and cons, it’s now time for you to decide. For me, I believe, on one side, there is inconvenience. Yes, lots of inconvenience. But in other side, there is a much greater propaganda-a hope for a brighter future of this country. We don’t need to support a political party to support a good decision! If you are a Messi fan and you love soccer from heart, then you are bound to appreciate a magnificent Cristiano Ronaldo free kick!  That’s what is in here! And I simply hate how this thing is being politicised. It shows nothing but the miserly attitudes of the leaders, who cares nothing but their victory. Who are oblivious of what is good for the country and what is not. 

So, as I said, we don’t need to support a political party to support a good decision. As responsible young men and women and future bearers of the country’s torchlight, let us just forget the politics and simply support whatever is good for us. Because a government can do nothing without the public support. They need it. Especially now. 

The minds of Genius

The other day I was watching the film, ‘The Man who knew infinity’, a film on the Indian mathematician, S.Ramanujan. Recently I am little hell-bent towards biopics of science related persons:’Imitation Game’, on Alan Turing, ‘Theory of Everything’, on Stephen Hawkins,’Steve Jobs’, etc. But this film was something else. Maths is my first lover, and it continues to be my only lover. Maybe because too many people find such a beautiful thing as ‘frustrating’ or ‘frightening’, it sticks to the people permanently who catch a little glimpse of beauty in it. My mother first made me fall in love with maths. And I am grateful to my mother for this thing, just after the fact that she is the one who tolerated nine months of pain just for me. And this guy, Ramanujan, he was born with maths. One of the professors said,”Every integer is a personal best friend of Ramanujan.” He was from a poor family in Madras, didn’t studied much in school, had no degree, but his crazy formulas stunned each and every people. They couldn’t understand a word of his notes. Finally some arrangement was made to send those equations to Cambridge, and the best professors there were gone crazy by those equations. What were they about? Let me explain. 

In how many ways you can express 3 as a sum of two or more integers? Well, 3=1+1+1/2+1/3+0, so there are 3 ways. 4? 4=1+1+1+1/4+0/3+1/2+2/2+1+1, so there are 5 ways. So far so good. Now what about 100? Everyone goes crazy. This is called partitions, and no one knew how to find number of ways to represent a number as a sum of more than one integers for bigger Numbers. Until Ramanujan joined Cambridge. He gave a tremendous formula, whose proof is untraceable, and putting number 100 in that formula guess what he got? 108,504,835, that’s the number of ways you can get 100  by adding more than one integers(with about 2% error with exact result). Prof. Hardy asked,”That’s no doubt exceptional, but where are it’s proofs? How’d you got it?” He replies,”I didn’t equated it. It just came to me.” That was how Ramanujan was.

Now I wonder, what are these people? I mean, as far human brains are concerned, how can one simply come out with the conclusion, rather than working through the procedures? He did. So did Einstein. He sat in a simple laboratory, and unveiled mysteries of universe, just by penning some equations. No experiments, no hubble telescope, no space research, nothing. Just pen and paper. As he said,”My paper is my laboratory. ” Well, these men revealed so many mysteries, but men now will never be able to reveal the mysteries about their brain. And as people claim anything that is out of their reach and thinking as gods, I believe it’s time for us to throw away silly idols and take them as our ultimate god. Pray to them, to make us more sensible, and less idiotic. Teach us that, if you have a beautiful mind, people will hold you in highest level even if you are naked, even if you are bald headed, even if you don’t have a Facebook account.

The Suicide

** This is a little bit  political issue playing role. And I realise I have the freedom to express my opinions, my fears, and my wishes. So I hope, no one takes it personally**
Once upon a time in a place full of green,
There lived a queen with no king.
Each can exist without the other one,
Cause the whites ruled the place once, and they too followed the same tradition.

The minds of its people were as beautiful as the green farmlands.
The mouths of them were as quick as their firm hands.
They loved their country more than their own wives.
They fought against injustice, having no fear of their own lives.

Existence of a leader is hard in places like these,
As they become subjects of constant analysis.
Some stayed, some went, none of them remained forever.
People kept on living their lives, blaming fake promises and endeavours.

And then with a sudden rise of concern for women.
They started taking control of every men’s den.
Only one left was this revolting, bloody land.
Sadly or happily, the place slowly slipped out of men’s jealous hands.

The fate of this land was bounded by so many conditions.
Conditions studied and judged by millions of professors.
But they failed to understand that,
When you press a river from both sides,
The river will dry up, and any progress of it would be hard to find.

But water is a fluid, it slowly overcame its boundaries,
So did people’s mind, it threw away all past theories.
It welcomed the new path, whose destination is unseen,
And with huge ceremony, they got their first queen.

She said,”we will bring about a change,
And we seek a necessary revenge
Against all those who intentionally dried up this land.
Now new trees will rise, as power is in my hands.”

Trees did rose, but on the abandoned lands of factories,
Change did came, but in their whims and fancies.
As oratory controlled and swayed the innocent minds of poor,
Muscles and fear controlled the pockets of unpoor.

Structures left unbuilt, for years after years,
Media were trembling, with pens wrapped in fear,
Graduates roamed jobless, and bearing family burden alone,
Outsiders felt sorry for them, and mused about their pride, long gone.

Some thought, as usual she will leave soon.
But now, it’s not usual, God of change had gave them this boon,
She kept on ruling, forever and ever,
Chances did came, but the intellectuals chose to suffer.

As I’m writing, the television is on
The pics and vidoes of this barren land-cum-warzone is shown.
Mothers now tell their sons the story of Bengal,
And end up with morale,”Don’t think too much about yourselves, or you will suffer this giant fall”

From Darkness to Light

The child was born, after nine months of pain,
Relatives from everywhere came by buses and trains,
The baby as small as a grain of rice was sleepimg calmly,
Her mother, wide smiles over her face, held him tightly.

The child walked, the child talked, days passed by,
But to him, life was a single endless night.
People woke, people slept, he never knew,
But his emotions were understod only by few.

The child grew into a boy, went to school,
Where all his mates always treated him as a fool.
Except one girl, who was his eternal protector.
She made sure he can live his life,happier and better.

She said,”you have this exceptional thing which all lacks,
You can dream whenever you want, which no one can’t. ”
“What’s the use of dreaming, when there is no reality? ”
“Sometimes its better to stay away from real world’s cruelty”.

So he decided to continue dreaming in his own world.
He will be alone there, his own prison’s guard.
Except the few flickers of her, the only water in this deep well,
To ensure he still has the key of this dark prison of hell.

His will to stay alone has become someone else’s happiness,
He ensured, each and every one like him will never live in this place.
His flower bloomed and withered, but it doesn’t bother him,
In dream, there is no death, immortality redeems.